Fitness to dive examination

Our team is trained to evaluate prospective divers for participation in beginning and advanced scuba diving activities. A comprehensive evaluation including history, physical examination, appropriate laboratory testing, and diagnostic testing will be performed to determine whether such activities are appropriate for an individual. Our physicians are dive professionals and understand “the diver” and his/her need to get back in the water as soon as it is safely possible.

Improved diving experience

Many divers would enjoy their diving experience more if several potential medical conditions could be prevented. Two common problems include motion sickness and difficulty with ear equalization. Consultation with St. Louis Dive Medicine can both teach techniques to minimize these problems and provide medical treatment including medications to make the diving experience for rewarding and enjoyable.

Dive related accidents

St Louis dive medicine has extensive knowledge in dive related injuries. The most common include barotrauma, decompression sickness, and sea life attacks. Both immediate treatment and referral to medical specialists is available through our professionals.

Scuba training

CPR/AED/Emergency First Response Training

Our professionals are certified trained instructors. The advantage of training with St Louis Dive Medicine is that we combine our real life work medical experiences with the course requirements. Call us for additional information today for your school, work, or scuba related needs in first response training.

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