St Louis Dive Medicine

Scuba diving has become increasingly more popular in recent years appealing to a diverse group of individuals of different ages and health statuses. Until recent years many of those interested in exploring the underwater world were denied participation due to safety concerns. The knowledge in the field of dive medicine has grown significantly to accommodate this growing interest in the sport. With safety as the primary concern combined with extensive research many of those individuals who were previously exempt from diving can now participate. Furthermore, the understanding of prevention and treatment of dive injuries has improved allowing for a safe sport that offers limitless incredible life changing experiences.

Our Story

The inspiration of St. Louis Dive Medicine was the culmination of the passion Jeff and Stacey Mormol have for their careers in medicine along with their love for scuba

Meet Our Professionals



                                                                   Stacey Mormol BSN,CRNA

      Nurse Anesthetist

                                                                                  DMAC/EDTC Level 1 approved examiner of Divers

         PADI Master scuba diver trainer

         PADI Master Scuba Diver


 Jeffrey Mormol MD

             Board certified Medical Doctor

             Washington University School Of Medicine Graduate

            DMAC/EDTC Level 1 approved examiner of Divers

             Completed primary training in hyperbaric medicine

PADI master scuba diver trainer

PADI Master Scuba Diver